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To advice is an act of caring for someone by giving him/her some pieces of beneficial guidelines pertaining to issue(s) of concern. Though not all advices are beneficial, some might be harmful and destructive based on the mindset of the person advising or mode of application by the person being advised. Some sets of people are naturally unadvisable; they tend to act as island, while others are unadvisable based on certain circumstance or influence.

Advices come mostly from experts in the field, mentors, or people who have experienced the particular incident that calls for advice. Here are three (3) sets of people that cant possibly hid and stick to advices, no matter how beneficial or life saving the piece of words may seem.

A WOMAN IN LOVE: A woman in love is like a hypnotized soul, a body frame with flames of affection, emotions and beautiful memories glowing inside. Women have lower cerebral capacity when it comes to love and emotions. Their thought and action is always attached to their emotion; thereby affecting the way they reason, do things and the way they talk. They love with all their heart and get loosed of their brain, that is why they get hurt so easily and cry very often.

The act of having a man who is great in the activities and epistles of bed, captivates a woman’s soul and makes her a prisoner for live. To women, great sexual activity often experienced is worth more than gold and silver, hence unites the mind, body and soul of both partners. Often times, it is the euphoria of sexual bonding that arouses the feeling of jealousy in women.

A woman in love can make the greatest sacrifice which your own family might not be able to afford, most times to her own discomfort. In marriage terms, most women contribute 70% of their own wedding ceremony, just to be with the man they love. Advising a woman in true love is like throwing a piece of stone into an ocean or shooting the heaven, because it can never get to the sky; not until her heart is broken, her faith fades and her spirit shattered.

A MAN WITH MONEY: He is just like a lost sheep, facing many paths but does not know the exact lead way to success; hence would want to try them all. Even when you tend to offer some guidelines, he sees you as an exploit, especially when it is his first time of landing the brown papers.

Nevertheless, the spirit of money at first time reinforces the memories of poor days when one wishes for a luxury living, beautiful sight seeing, eating long wished meal, having a different feeling of soft moments. Unnecessary problems to solve will begin to surface, spending the money available would be considered as a normal thing that should be done, until it turns out to look as if the clock has gone back to the hands where you actually wished for the life you have already lived. Then, budget would be consulted, reshuffled and followed strictly. Only then can a man with Money open his ears to advice.

DRUG ADDICT: A drug addict is a fulfilled soul into himself, when endowed with the spirit of no Victor no vanquish, obtained from the flames, sniffing, injection or inhaling of substances made with booster hard drug chemicals or natural weed of a particular speecie.

His satisfaction is a priority. Hence, he can trade any other thing just to smoke, inhale or inject hard drug into his body system.

Often times, drug takes away sanity and makes the addict irresponsible when the quest and hunger for hard drug is high and uncontrollable; arousing the digestive and cerebral hormones, causing their mind and body unrest. A drug addict can possibly kill or steal just to satisfy his addicted hunger. The increasing rate of social vices like rape, bullying, pick pocket, stealing, etc is as a result of drug addiction. When the huger comes, the addict finds every possible means to take it and after taking the drugs, his psyche keeps producing negative ideologies, causing more vices as a result of the abusive substances in the body system.

On the other hand, it gives them all comfort and companionship. 

Here is how it works: something strikes their lives that is not emotionally or physically bearable, and they seek help. Oftentimes that ‘help’ results in medication. At first, the medication is a welcome reprieve from the pain and torment our bodies and minds endure each day. They are trying to medicate against sad things like the death of a loved one, a physical injury, a disease, or some other emotional or physical burden. The medication takes them back to the place that we so desperately longed for, the place of ‘normal’. They just want to feel the way everyone else seems to ‘feel’. They want happiness; they want a morning that doesn’t start with pain and agony or mental anguish.

The orange bottle filled with tiny capsules brings us hope each waking morning. That bottle is what gets them out of bed and gives them the motivation to start a day. Without it, they want to fold themselves delicately into a ball of pathetic mush, crawl into our bed… and sleep. Being awake is half the battle. They just want to be alone in the pain. Drug addicts are lonely creatures, mainly because they are jealous of the happiness everyone around them seems to have, yet they cannot seem to find theirs. So, they retract from life. 

No matter the rate of death, chronic sicknesses and side effects of hard drugs, the addicts seems inadvisable.

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