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New Cray supercomputer will safeguard US nuclear stores

The US Department of Energy (DOE) and the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) have announced that Cray will build the NNSA’s first exascale supercomputer, called El Capitan for $600m, which will be used to help manage the US’ nuclear stockpile. El Capitan will be tasked with performing essential functions for …

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Phishing is the top security threat for businesses

A security service developed by the telecommunications firm Telefónica, in collaboration with McAfee and Allot, has revealed that the majority of the threats (89%) it has blocked so far are related to phishing. During the first two months in which it was deployed, the security service also discovered that a …

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Android phones come with pre-installed malware

Google has made significant headway when it comes to removing malware from the Play Store but a recent Black Hat presentation from a Google Project Zero researcher has shined light on the fact that many devices ship with malicious apps pre-installed. Maddie Stone, who previously worked on the Android Security …

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MPs call for ban on hands-free phone use

MPs have called for hands-free mobile use to be banned in England and Wales, arguing that it distracts drivers and causes accidents. The use of a handheld mobile phone while in control of a vehicle was outlawed in 2003 and applies even when stationary. However the use of hands free …

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UK may reconsider Huawei ban

Britain will rethink the future role of Huawei in its telecoms infrastructure, a leading US politician has said. US national security adviser John Bolton, who is visiting the UK in a trade capacity, has said British officials had told him that they planned to revisit the issue following the appointment …

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Facebook is getting a dark mode makeover for mobile

Facebook is working on a dark mode for its mobile app giving you an alternative to the current stark white design. Researcher Jane Manchun Wong, who frequently combs through code in search of new features, did some digging into the Android app, and discovered that Facebook was working on a …

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